Our ‘healing’ food was developed after awakening to the health benefits of raw food after years serving with the Flying Doctors in Latin America, and appreciating the healing power of the curandera. As a registered nurse and psychologist specializing in behavioral medicine, I have come to appreciate the impact of intake on emotional stability, strength and longevity.

During our research, we experimented with raw, organic ingredients from locations throughout South America. We visited our farms and worked with our healing sources. After over a year of testing and preparation, our complex flavors began to produce professional taster’s responses that exceeded our expectations. 

The health benefits of chocolate are mainly due to the rich flavonoid content. And the more chocolate is processed, the fewer flavonoids it retains. Fewer flavonoids translates to less antioxidant content, and less health benefit. The best choice is raw, organic chocolate that has no added ingredients like sugar, milk, or oil. Dark chocolate with 70 percent or more cocoa content ranks a distant second to raw chocolate, since conventional dark chocolate bars are exposed to significant heat and processing. The worst choices are milk and white chocolate. Most varieties of milk chocolate have only about 25 to 50 percent the flavonoid content of dark chocolate, and white chocolate has no flavonoids.

The ingredients we use at 4Element Foods are of the highest quality, sourced directly from organic Peruvian farms, receive special blessings from a Copán curandera based on our intention of the food, and cultivated and transported sustainably and in accordance with fair trade practices.